But I’m Not a Writer

Yesterday afternoon, Danielle and I got the incredible opportunity to speak on the topic of Creative Writing as part of a panel for an IPHC Creative Workshop. It was so special for me to be able to take the time with these friends of mine (new and old!) and dig into what the art form of writing looks like from a ministerial perspective. But can I tell you, WE WERE FREAKING OUT. For a couple of reasons, first of course being that filming is scary. We filmed our portion of the panel via webcam without all of the lighting & camera crew, so bless the other half of our panel friends. The bigger fear for myself I kept repeating leading up to D-day was this.


A designer? Absolutely.
An artist? Sure.
A girl boss? All day.

Writer…Um….I mean, I blog. I love to sit down at my computer every week and tell my readers what God has working on my heart that day. I have a passion on the inside of me to encourage and lift up those of you with creative passions and a drive to accomplish your goals. And yeah, in order to communicate with you, I have to write. But what makes me a writer?

I think He does.

One of the fun things about a creative gifting is that it tends to spill over from category to category. Many of the artists that I know take that general title because they operate in their gifting across multiple mediums. Me personally, I’ve done pen & ink drawings, graphite sketches, acrylic and watercolor paintings, and hand lettering. Beyond that though, I’m a worshiper to my core and love to serve on our worship team. I am drawn to & have a deep appreciation for music, sculpture, writing, and dance. Art is my heartbeat.

When God decided to add a gifting and a love of creativity to my life, He didn’t just add graphic design, painting, and illustration. Instead He gave me an appreciation for creation. Can I tell you that I’m getting teary eyed just writing about this because my passion for THIS truth is so strong; That on a daily basis we are each creating brand new things because our own Creator inspired us to do just as He has done.

What does it look like every day to be a creative heart serving under this truth?

  1. It means first accepting that I’m not limited. Creativity in you isn’t constrained to JUST paint or JUST dance. It can be ANYTHING because the gifting is broad and it is capable of powerful things because it originated in a powerful & big God.
  2. It means you have to work hard. Sorry if I made it sound like you would easily be able to pick up some clay and sculpt the next David with ease if you’ve never done it before. Part of this beautiful gift is that you have to work at it every day and participate fully in it. That means lots of practice and failures as you work towards excellence.
  3. It means you are a made for worship. Every gift from the Father is made for the purpose of worship to Him. As we run towards the passions of our hearts, it’s that pursuit of excellence that becomes worship to our Creator and the biggest hug to Him.

At the end of the day, I AM A WRITER. I’m also a musician, and a dancer, and a painter…all of those creative gifts are hanging out in my spirit waiting to be fostered and built up for His glory. That doesn’t mean that you have to do them all, but it does mean that you are capable of great things because of His grace.

I hope you are encouraged & know you are always in my prayers!




3 thoughts on “But I’m Not a Writer

  1. Chelsea,
    love that you pointed out hard work. Growing up in the “you can do anything” generation, I feel like a lot of people around me get disheartened when they try something and it doesn’t work. It is imperative to know you need to work hard to get what you want, to expand your creative limits, and find a life worth living.


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